They are powerful , brave and they moved away from stereotypes, fears and traditions.
This is a Vogue Christmas fashion film, but also this is the way we would love to celebrate the diversity, the beauty with no boundaries.
They are 10 woman from 5 to 72 years and from all over the world , Sahara, Spain, Portugal, France, Russia and United States.
During the shooting we´ve met this amazing woman between Barcelona and Los Angeles.


Directed by Javier Cortés & Lara Tascón

Director of photography / colorist: Javier Cortés

Head Stylist: Lara Tascón

Creative direction: Lara Tascón, Javier Cortés & Ana Floubet

Music by Russian Red feat Glowbug

Edited by: Gonzalo P. Martos
Javier Cortés

Russian Red (LA)
Candela Capitán
Jordan Rebello , Poppy & Dio thedog (LA)
Maria Rosenfeldt
Rose Madone
Karina Kolokolchikova
Nayat and Sarah Cheikh
Alejandra Savoia
Alicia Borrás

Focus Puller: Kike Muñoz
Barcelona Assistant: Jorge Cámara
Los Angeles assistant: Luca Iani

Art Direction Barcelona: Laura Jauregui

Stylist: Lara Tascón & Ana Floubet
Stylist Assistant: Anais Ibáñez & Ann Laroque

Make up Barcelona : Gloria Rico (Kasteel Artist Management)
Make up assistant Barcelona: Miriam Blanco
Make up Los Angeles: Barbara Schaefer Production : María Morillas

Locations: Los Angeles and Barcelona